Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Kaia's injured...she's doing well, but she's sporting a hot pink cast to protect her broken tibia. Read more about it here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What would you do?

We look forward to the days when Sean stands duty...not because we can't wait to get rid of him for 36 hours, but because that's when Mommy reads TONS of stories for bedtime. It's actually our reverse psychology to get the kids excited about Daddy not coming home instead of upset. Military fam survival 101.

Anyhoo...fresh from our library outing last night before bed and the 60 books we literally checked out (oops...sorry Princess Anne Library...we'll be back next week) of the books I read was "Alexander's Pretending Day" by Bunny Crumpacker. Basically, the premise of the story is the little boy Alexander asking his mom how she would react in certain situations if he were different things. One of the things Alexander pretended to be was a lion. So, after Alexander asked his mom "What would you do?" I asked the same question to each child. It was Jaron's turn to answer first. His answer? "I would kill him." Yes, my darling, sweet, cuddly baby mama's boy has a killer instinct to protect himself and his family...or at least himself. Kaia's answer (which would've been mine too) was to RUN....FAST.

However, I wanted to steer him away from the generic killing statement but asked him how he was going to do that...have him really think out his answer. "With a spear." Well, shoot, you have me much for steering the conversation towards a different solution. But...Mama's got a trick up her sleeve..."What if you didn't have a spear? What would you do?" Please oh please let's have a different answer (especially since when Alexander was going to be a mouse, Kaia's first answer was to stomp on him...collllllllllllld-blooded assasins, I tell you!).

My sweet, sweet, darling, cuddly baby mama's boy's answer?

"I would go to the spear shop and buy a a LOT of spears and kill the lion with the spears."


Hopefully there isn't a blue light special at the spear shop or that lion is done for.