Monday, June 30, 2008

Attempted Abduction

So, I've decided to keep the tone on this site pretty family-friendly. You can read my blog about this topic. An update for our family though...we're "single" today and missing Sean already.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hip-Hop Hooray

Today concluded week 2 of Kaia's summer camp. This week's theme was hip-hop...which Kaia thoroughly enjoyed! Reverting back to bragging parent...Kaia's ballet teacher told me yesterday she loves dancing with her and that she's very talented. She also said the hip-hop teacher loves her since she can tell her to do something and Kaia does it very well. The hip-hop teacher told me today to keep her in dance because she's "so good" and that "she'll be famous one day". Hehehehe...yeah, that was nice to hear.

Anyway...this week was better socially for Kais. The means girls were wittled down from 2 to 1...with the remaining one being the instigator. She did hit Kaia in the beginning of the week and now they're friends. I love my daughter's forgiving heart. I really admire Kaia's level of forgiveness. Even though those girls were so mean to her, she continued to be nice and never tried to be anything less than nice to them.

Ms. Social Butterfly has lots of friends...noticeably older ones who all love to pick her up. Hahahaha. There's Sarah who is 9 and wants to adopt Kaia...or at least babysit her. ;o) Sarah & Kaia could not be more opposite...Sarah is tall, blond, & quiet. Kaia...well, you know her. ;o) There's Jordan, who's 5...Lily C. (not sure her age) who likes to carry her...Olivia, 7, who is an APIA little girl and all the kids were calling her and Kaia "twins" (welcome to the South) and Charlie, the mean girl who's wised up and now nice to Kaia. ;o)

Sarah & Kaia

Kaia & Jordan

Charlie, Lily C., & Kaia

Anyhoo, the hip-hop skit was a little questionable. I'm a little worried about how it might have taught these kids (camp is ages 4 to 12) that hip-hop culture is about cool names, hand signs, & poses.'s camp and each genre is only taught for 5 days. With such a broad range of ages and the emphasis being on the arts, it's not like there's going to be a program that will teach hip-hop with enough respect to the culture.

Last week Kaia was the only person of color. This week was a bit more diverse at least.

Next week we have off. The following will be "High School Musical" for the theme.

Sean was supposed to be gone today but is still here. But not really since he has duty today. Booooooooooo. At least we'll get to talk to some point. ;o)

Jaron's nickname for me is "Girlfriend" or "Boom Boom". I hope he doesn't call me the latter in public. I don't know where he got Boom Boom from...seriously.

Here is a video clip of all the kids...but it's blurry because I switched it to video mode too quickly without refocusing it. I'll be posting the two videos to YouTube. I'm currently working on my next project...buying a new camera!!!! I'd still love a DSLR but will be settling on another P&S until we can afford it!

Mama/Grandma Yuan should enjoy this clip since it's her favorite song...
"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kaia May...Future A-Lister

Posing post-performance w/flowers from Jaron.

Yup, I call it daughter is going to be a celebrity...;o)

Kaia had her first summer camp performance. She's currently enrolled in Northeast FL's Premier Summer Arts program...a 7 week summer camp. She was FABULOUS and stole the show at times...seriously. At one point, everyone looked at me and Jaron...with big grins and giggles (them AND us).

Only low point of this first week...MEAN GIRLS!! Boooooo. Kaia constantly tried to befriend two older girls who weren't having it with her. They kept getting meaner to her as the week progressed. Don't worry, I was a good girl @ the performance and didn't do anything evil...hehehe. But seriously, it was very hard to see Kaia start to have to navigate these types of social situations and watching the pain she went through yesterday...when the older girls told a younger girl (and friend of Kaia's) to go hit Kaia (which the 3YO did). Poor Baby Girl. My sweetheart is a tough cookie and isn't afraid to let bullies know they're being bad (in the time she had a gang of younger kids behind her and she made this 8YO boy bully cry because she yelled at him for not being nice to the younger kids...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah-uh!!). But, to see her cry & be so depressed yesterday was heart & gut-wrenching. It really takes a LOT to get to her since she has such a wonderfully thick skin. Poor girl. But, now her teachers know and she said today was a good day. =)

Anyhoo...she was a butterfly in the play (and might damn good one at that) and wearing her t-shirt that she made this week. OK, I picked the two best clips...the third clip I wanted was too large to upload...boooooooo. Seriously, this girl ROCKED!!!! She is just so amazing and AWESOME. BTW, did you know that "awesome" was banished in 2007? daughter BROUGHT IT and was AWESOME! Plus, her teachers think she's such a natural (not a surprise with Ms. Tippy Toes) dancer and was really surprised that she didn't have any prior dance experience.


Scene Stealer.

Spiderella Ballet Dancing

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to the BEST dad in the whole dearest, buffest hubby!!!!! Seriously, no one can compare to what an AWESOME father you are to the kids! What's that EVERYONE is always commenting on how great of a father (and hubby) you are...something we
already know and always knew!!!

Plus, you are an amazing person! You are definitely one of the MODEST & most HUMBLE people I know. You hate showing off your buffness (I don't know why?!?!), you downplay your achievements, and NEVER EVER BRAG about anything. I LOVE IT!!!

Now...if you were actually home to celebrate and not having to stand duty on your special day, that would be nice!!! Ahhhh...the needs of the Navy.