Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sean's standing duty tonight and the kids have been AWESOME! We've been dealing with a bit of sibling much that we think: "Yeah, two's good." Although my ovaries are definitely hurtin' for a third, we'll see with our upcoming moves and life changes if a 3rd is in our cards or not. Right now, we're enjoying our two...even with their little tiffs.

Still, I live for moments like these:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Been a While...

...without further ado...our pre-bedtime monkeys and their antics:

Some updates & tidbits:

*Both kids went to the dentist over here and were SOOOOOOOOO good!!! Both were nervous. Jaron went first with me and Kaia the next week. Jaron was really nervous, but the staff was AWESOME and he wanted to go to the dentist everyday! He also calmed Kaia down a bit...who. being older, calms down a lot easier since she listens to our explanations. She was sooooo good and the staff loved having them there. Kaia does have some "sugarbugs" that she'll get "brushed" out starting next week...and she's excited about it! She knows her tooth is going to go to sleep and that she might hear it snoring. Cutie.

*As we were getting ready for Jaron's birthday party up at Mom's. Jaron says good morning to Talia (still in A-yi's uterus) and then tells us he sees Talia's's Kim's BELLY BUTTON!! But the funnier part about that...he said that SHE'S WHISTLING!!!! Funny Boy.

*Our Baby Shih/Cousin Watch 2009...Talia's still not out, but we're shooting for Mother's day weekend...;o) I'm going to make sure she runs some laps or whatever while we're up there so we can be there for our baby's birth. Regardless, we WILL be up there for her birth...period.

*I'll post some photos of the party...we're still recovering from it. HOWEVER...we have the BEST FAMILY...hands down!!!! Party preps were amazing and the family who came to celebrate with us...AWESOME!!! We're so blessed!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Po-po & kiddies about to eat homemade coconut birthday cake.

So, I lied. Well, not really...but I did...unintentionally since I abhor lying (as well as liars). Is that a strong word? I guess everyone lies, but I think everyone who knows me...really knows me, knows I'm very honest...sometimes TOO HONEST...;o)

Anyhoo...what was my lie? That I didn't take pics from our last weekend in DC (in reference to my previous post). I did. I was so sick that I didn't even remember until I pulled out my camera and lo & behold...PHOTOS!!!! Shoot...I even forgot that we went to DC to walk around before gorging ourselves at Texas de Brazil.

Kim was SOOOOOOOOOOO sick (this cold was really, really brutal and only the Lee Sisters got it). Poor thing missed an entire week of work and is still not 100%. I'm still not I can't imagine how long it'll take for her to get over this completely!! She was still trying to be superwoman during this time...and not resting enough!!! My sister is probably my favorite person to nag....because she's so darn hard-headed. ;o) Good thing that gene skipped over me...tee hee hee. LOVE YOU, SISTEE!

Anyhoooo...we're heading up to DC this weekend to celebrate J-Ron's birthday early. His actual birthday is a wee bit close to Kim's due date/Talia's birth date. So, no biggie...two celebrations means more cake! ;o)

Kiddies, Talia (in utero), & A-yi...pre-plague.

Kiddies & their real parents & sibling-to-be...Uncle J, A-yi, & Talia.

Kim & J let us borrow their generous. ;o)

Sean might have made a "big" joke...I can't remember...but I'm sure Talia is giving her cute uncle a big kick right now for saying whatever he did!