Friday, May 28, 2010

I am the author of 3 blogs.



Well, I started our family blog for the obvious.  Being a military family away from friends and fam, I started it to keep everyone updated.  Except, I failed to realize that also being a military family, you run into slumps...most noticeably when you're a "single married spouse/mom" (SMS/M) and/or the computer is in a different room on a different floor in your house away from your kids.  Also, when I have the time to blog, I'd rather spend it with my husband with whom I've probably spent 1/2 of our relationship actually being in his physical presence.  I also didn't want to clutter our family blog with my own personal stuff since well, it's our family blog.

Besides my family, my passion is cooking and eating.  So, I started my food blog.

Since I'm starting to lose steam, time, and energy on giving the appearance of maintaining three...I'm going to simplify and put everything on my personal blog...except I'll still double post so any foodies won't have to read my ramblings & babblings...except in my food posts.

I'll still blog with the same frequency...which is occasionally.  ;o)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom n' Me Monday

Yes...still being lazy and copying a post from my blog...

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I promise that I'll start having some newer photos...but in the meantime, this was one of the most recent photos I could dredge up with me & my little man.  This week's Mom n' Me Monday features a little one who was supposed to be Kaia's little sister...but someone had other plans for me.  I remember when we were told we were having a boy and all the panic that set in inside me.  Being the eldest of two girls and already being halfway there with Kaia, I thought and hoped that I would have my two girls.

Instead, we had Jaron...who turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life.  He is the most cuddliest, sweetest, funniest, and smartest little boys ever.  I am constantly thankful for this little man who is everything I never knew I needed (well, that goes for BOTH kids).

Everyday I'm reminded of why I'm so blessed to be this guy's #1 Girlfriend and enjoying that status while it lasts.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mom n' Me Monday

This is a copy from my personal blog...because I'm LAZY like that. ;o)

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My wonderful friend Melissa over @ The Zookeeper's Diary (a must visit if you haven't already) participated in Julie's (from The Peanut Gallery...exit here...also a must read) Mom n' Me Monday.  A fantastic idea if A) you're a Mom and B) you're the sole photographer in the family. 

So, since I thought my kids were destined to grow up wondering where Mom was during all their trips, important times, and just hanging out...I guess I'll start having some proof that I wasn't just their personal chef and photographer.  

Not that I mind...but maybe it'll be nice to see myself years from now and think "Wow, you look pretty good as your pre-Botox-Juvaderm-Restalyn self!"


I have enough on my plate to worry about what bad things I'll pass along to my daughter, I don't want (body) image issues to be one of them.

So, since I don't know when was the last time I took a photo with my kids (which almost always involves you seeing my arms outstretched as I hold the camera)'s one with Kaia, my eldest, taken while goofing off with our brand new toy (an iMac) in October '09.

I swear...this girl freakin' rocks.  She's got an empathetic heart of gold.  A sense of humor that is beyond her years.  A memory that's going to bite me in the butt in a few years...

And a smile that continually melts my heart and reminds me why it's so awesome to be her mom.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Check Out These Guns!

If you've seen Night at the Museum should be able to recognize this scene.  Jaron was a bit hyper when I asked if I could film him.  So...without further ado...take 1 & take 2 of a scene from Night at the Museum 2.


Friday, February 19, 2010


I. Love. Snow.

However, I think I'd be pretty disenchanted with it had I been living back home in DC.  Then again, a week off with Sean & the kids...sounds pretty nice.  Unless you don't have electricity and suffer from cabin fever and Sean & the kids start driving you crazy.  Thank goodness we live down here.  ;o)

Just kidding.

We did get to experience the white stuff last weekend and our snow-loving pooch was in heaven.  The roads were still a mess but I'm sure waaaaaaaaaay better than a week prior.  Case in point, almost missing our hair appointment because streets of Bethesda were being plowed so entire streets were blocked off due to snow removal...because there is so much of the white stuff there is also nowhere to put it.  So, the whole weekend I saw dump trucks from WV & NC that apparently were contracted to haul the snow away.

While in Bethesda...Kaia accomplished her goal of this past year.  Donating her hair.  Donations required at least 10 inches of hair.  She donated 14 and wanted to go longer...but A-yi and I were a little concerned what if she freaked having such short hair.  Danggit...we actually could've gone shorter. Anyhoo...

From The Lee-Espiritu Fam

From The Lee-Espiritu Fam

Oh yeah...A-yi & I also jumped on the bandwagon...with 12 inches & 10 inches respectively (my stylist didn't want to go shorter):

From The Lee-Espiritu Fam
Pardon the fact that I look a wee bit sleepy or boracha (en espanol...look it up).  I promise it's just a bad photo.

The Lee Ladies donated 36 inches of hair. 

Also...some snow fun:

This little cutie stayed inside and tried on her V-day gift from the kids (although a certain overprotective uncle REALLY did not least it was a one piece!!):

Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is the same post from my blog...laziness, I tell you...puuuuuure laziness.

My kids are a trip.  They are silly and cool and I want to be like them when I grow up.

I was getting Jaron (my 4YO son) into the car yesterday and he was talking about how he was going to keep his babies safe and take really good care of them.  I didn't want to ask him who was going to have his babies and instead phrased it as such "Where will you babies come from?"

His reply.

Your uterus.

Oh my little Oed(ipus) are so darn cute.

Later that night, Kaia (my 6YO daughter) was reading a book to me before she went to bed.  It was about a bunny who wasn't happy with her burrow and went searching for other homes.  The last home she went to look at had a fox lurking around it scared her silly all the way back to her home.

To which Kaia replies...That's what she gets for not appreciating what she has!

Oy...these I love them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's that white stuff?

Well, it was SNOW!  

It was definitely, by far, the largest amount of the white stuff we have seen for this area.  Mind was a decent amount but nothing that would've kept DC-area kids out of school for two days!  How many days did I go to bed wishing for a blanket of white stuff and the magic words "Montgomery County schools...closed"...shoot, even a friggin' delay here and there. was nice to have my baby girl at home those two days...even though Ba-ba was standing duty and we didn't see him for those days.  This area is just poorly equipped to handle such weather...because, well, since we've lived's barely ever snowed.  If it has...nothing terrible and nothing so often that the cities would need better snow equipment.

It was also the reason why we had to postponeBrother/Uncle J's Birthday Fun Weekend in DC...booooooooooooooooooo.

And now, it's gone.  ;o)  Thanks to the rain...most of the icy mess is gone and Kaia went back to school.

But...we did have a nice weekend indoors enjoying the white stuff from the comfort of the heat.  The kids, Jax, & Sean went out for a bit on Saturday and Jax got to enjoy it often all weekend.  Remi & Jaron both found it too cold for their liking...the latter probably would've like it more had his mom bought him gloves that are actually made for that kind of weather.  OOPS!  SORRY JARON (and Kaia)!!!!

Anyhoo...the fam having a bit of fun (sorry, there was a lot of wind and it was cut short since I was due to some moron filming without gloves and a coat):