Friday, January 29, 2010


Hi Mohawka,

We love the nickname that Dey-dey gave you.  She's such a silly big sister/cousin, isn't she?  We'll see you very soon to celebrated your dad's 30th birthday.  Until then, take care of your parents and grandmother!  Can't wait to play with you...most likely in the snow!

Dey-dey, Guo-guo, Yi-jeung, & I-ma

Do you like this pic of you inspecting Yi-jeung's haircut?  Is it SAT?  I hope it passed your inspection.

Baby Girl...we're so sorry we didn't come up.  This snow storm's got us worried that our drive home isn't going to be a safe one.  Save up your energy for next weekend though...we're gonna party until our hair stands on end....wait a minute...


Monday, January 25, 2010

One year ago...

A year ago today we were apparently in DC at my mom's. Notice the adult supervision of our children. My brother J is asleep with Pablo the Monkey (courtesy of Jaron) and Sean is also asleep with Cupcake the dog (courtesy of Kaia). At least I know the guys were well-taken care my kids. ;o)

Thank goodness my children aren't pyromaniacs or have many destructive tendencies.