Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's that white stuff?

Well, it was SNOW!  

It was definitely, by far, the largest amount of the white stuff we have seen for this area.  Mind was a decent amount but nothing that would've kept DC-area kids out of school for two days!  How many days did I go to bed wishing for a blanket of white stuff and the magic words "Montgomery County schools...closed"...shoot, even a friggin' delay here and there. was nice to have my baby girl at home those two days...even though Ba-ba was standing duty and we didn't see him for those days.  This area is just poorly equipped to handle such weather...because, well, since we've lived's barely ever snowed.  If it has...nothing terrible and nothing so often that the cities would need better snow equipment.

It was also the reason why we had to postponeBrother/Uncle J's Birthday Fun Weekend in DC...booooooooooooooooooo.

And now, it's gone.  ;o)  Thanks to the rain...most of the icy mess is gone and Kaia went back to school.

But...we did have a nice weekend indoors enjoying the white stuff from the comfort of the heat.  The kids, Jax, & Sean went out for a bit on Saturday and Jax got to enjoy it often all weekend.  Remi & Jaron both found it too cold for their liking...the latter probably would've like it more had his mom bought him gloves that are actually made for that kind of weather.  OOPS!  SORRY JARON (and Kaia)!!!!

Anyhoo...the fam having a bit of fun (sorry, there was a lot of wind and it was cut short since I was due to some moron filming without gloves and a coat):

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