Thursday, February 4, 2010


This is the same post from my blog...laziness, I tell you...puuuuuure laziness.

My kids are a trip.  They are silly and cool and I want to be like them when I grow up.

I was getting Jaron (my 4YO son) into the car yesterday and he was talking about how he was going to keep his babies safe and take really good care of them.  I didn't want to ask him who was going to have his babies and instead phrased it as such "Where will you babies come from?"

His reply.

Your uterus.

Oh my little Oed(ipus) are so darn cute.

Later that night, Kaia (my 6YO daughter) was reading a book to me before she went to bed.  It was about a bunny who wasn't happy with her burrow and went searching for other homes.  The last home she went to look at had a fox lurking around it scared her silly all the way back to her home.

To which Kaia replies...That's what she gets for not appreciating what she has!

Oy...these I love them.


Ellyn said...

I heart them to pieces. Can you please make another baby, stat? This world needs more sweet little Lee-Espiritus.

pheak-pheak said...

they're so smart and wise. you guys are such good mama and papa that's why you're kids are so perfect!

Tanya said...

Thank you, Girls!

Elle...l'il E is needing a sib...STAT. ;o)

S...can't wait to meet the twins!!