Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays!

In keeping up with my yearly tradition since our first move from here in 2006 and consequent moves that led us back here (incl. the one that brought us back to the area exactly one year ago)...I doubt I'll be sending out holiday cards. Why break tradition? Hahaha. year.

The one tradition I have kept up with is taking our holiday photos. The one holiday photo tradition Sean has kept up with...fake smiles....or rather, extremely pained-frustrated-wanting-to-skin-our dogs-and-sell-our-kids-and-find-a-wife-who-is-not-a-perfectionist-and-takes-quicker-photos smiles. Mainly because while I'm tinkering with trying to get the photos right...he's handling the kids and the dogs...except for the dog & the kid who are clingy to mama....except the clingy kid is much better (he's with Dad this year). This is a prime example...

Still...Sean is the one who broke the tradition this year and passed it to me. So, here I am in all my plasticky smile glory while my beautiful family poses...

We're off to spend a glorious break in DC...time to enjoy some great food and loved ones!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May your travels be safe and your celebrations special and joyful!

Kaia, Jaron, Remi, Jax, Sean, & Tan

Friday, December 11, 2009 the rescue!!!

From The Lee-Espiritu Fam

I think my kids are pretty good kids. They can get ridiculously crazy and hyper...especially when they see that's outta love & well, craziness. They're kinda their dad. ;o) They can have those really annoying sibling tiffs that can drive us crazy. But, most of the time...they're pretty good kids...with pretty good hearts.

Yesterday, I found out that Kaia stood up to her class who was laughing at her classmate who had accidentally peed in her pants. She let them know that it was "just an accident". As outspoken as I am and how much I like to stand up for the wronged...I don't think I would've had the guts to do that when I was her age.

We also found out that her teacher's nearly week-long absence was because she had lost her mother. The loss of a parent is something we're all to familiar with and even though the kids have not yet dealt with a tremendous loss personally...they're pretty empathetic to the loss of a loved one through their grandfather they never had the chance to meet.

Kaia did a little something for her teacher. I hope my children never lose their good hearts...

From The Lee-Espiritu Fam